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7 Things to Do When You Test Drive a Used Vehicle

What Should I Look for When Test Driving a Used Car?

Shopping for your next vehicle is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time and one of the most crucial steps in the buying process is the test drive. There’s no better way to know if a vehicle is right for you than by getting behind the wheel. So, instead of wondering what you should look for when test driving a used car, check out the list below for some test driving tips and tricks.

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7 Tips and Tricks for Test Driving Used Cars Couple talking to salesman at car dealership

  • Check the paint – Look for any scratches or scuffs on the exterior of the vehicle and check that the paint matches across the entire vehicle.
  • Look out below – Check to see if anything is dripping from under the vehicle and make sure nothing is hanging down beneath the car.
  • Check the lights – Once you’ve started the vehicle get back out and make sure all of the lights work. Be sure you check them all, including headlights, brights, blinkers, taillights, and brake lights.
  • Test the interior features – Don’t just ask if the vehicle has certain features – test them too! Make sure all of the equipped features are working, including dashboard lights, various radio buttons, climate controls, and interior lights.
  • Comfort is key – Adjust the driver’s seat and mirrors to make sure you can see fully when sitting comfortably. Don’t be afraid to take your time here, being comfortable and safe is an important part of driving a vehicle.
  • Keep your ears open when on the road – Try to stay quiet when test driving the vehicle so you can hear any sounds the vehicle is making. Listen for any rattling or noises the vehicle is making on various street surfaces. Certain sounds can signal problems with the vehicle.
  • Ask a lot of questions – This may seem like common sense but often shoppers get caught up with the excitement of vehicle shopping and forget to ask questions. Bring a list of items you want to go over like vehicle history, service schedules, equipped features, and any maintenance the vehicle had before being listed.

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